Welcome to SEI Benelux

SEI Benelux was founded in 1985 and benefits from about thirty years’ experience in manufacturing and distributing data cabling solutions.

For all these years, the company has been developing a strong partnership with its customers, whatever the company size.

"We are specialised in copper and fibre optic data cabling solutions and SEI Benelux has been developing a real know-how in specific fields"
SEI Benelux advises and takes care of them with the highest expertise.

Located in the industrial estate “Les Plenesses” in Thimister, SEI Benelux is strategically situated on the Belgian territory. Our headquarters are actually located at the intersection of international main highways serving Germany and The Netherlands. We are mainly operating in Belgium where our sales representatives carefully practice in their dedicated business sectors.

SEI Benelux offers a wide range of data cabling solutions for IT and telecommunication networks. We are specialised in copper and fibre optic solutions and we have been developing a real know-how in specific fields such as data centers and company’s offices thanks to pre-terminated solutions, dedicated free-standing racks and a fitted logistic organisation. Moreover, everything is made to assure short-term delivery dates.

Company information

SEI Benelux
Z.I. Les Plenesses
Rue de l’Avenir 2A
4890 Thimister

Tél : +32 (0)87/30.05.11
Fax : +32 (0)87/34.00.38

VAT N° : BE0449.781.773

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Accessibility :

Wide parking area at the front and at the back of the building making easy taking away.