Tuesday, May 05, 2015

NEW IN OUR PRODUCT RANGE: Network switch 10/100Mbps with 4 or 8 integrated ports PoE

Dear Partners,

We are delighted to present you the new Digitus Profesionnal PoE switch. It is the perfect solution for optimal, cost effective and fast integration in small and medium-sized networks. 

DIGITUS 4-Port or 8-Ports Fast Ethernet PoE switch, 10/100 Mbps RJ45 1-port 10/100Mb/s uplink/60W

The DIGITUS 4-Port or 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 or 8 Power over Ethernet Ports provides your network a noticeable improvement in performance and efficiency. Thanks to PoE+ (30W) support, you only need one cable (network cable) for power and data transfer. This enables you to expend your network even where no power lines or outlets are available. The switch does not need a configuration so a fast and seamless integration into your network is guaranteed. With the integrated DIP switch, you can activate the VLAN mode (Virtual Local Area Network). By the port separation an optimal and time-saving identification of the connected devices (eg. IP-Network cameras) is possible without using a web interface.

Package content:

·         4-Port or 8-Port Fast Ethernet PoE Switch

·         Power supply: DC 48 V/1,25 A

·         Manual


Available with 4 or 8 ports

- Reference 4-Port: 63-DN-95322

- Reference 8-Port: 63-DN-95323


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